Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns to Grow Your Business
Our Email Marketing service, allows you send bulk e-newsletters or promotional emails to new and existing customers. Using the email mailing lists that you have gathered we will create professionally designed, content-rich emails with your company logo and branding. We will then determine the best day of the week and time of the day to send out these emails, resulting in a perfect way to keep your clients informed about your services, or promote that new product.

Our in-house team have the creative, technical and content capabilities and have comprehensive experience with working with our clients on all aspects of their online marketing campaigns.

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Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Email marketing is a lot more cost effective than traditional, printed mail-out campaigns and gains you faster results. Our Email Marketing service includes:

  • Email Campaign Strategy
  • Custom Design and Layout
  • Content Creation and Editing
  • Landing Page Multivariate Testing
  • Email Testing and Implementation
  • Email Tracking and Reporting, Review and Analysis

Email Marketing Management Design and Reporting

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